Grazing Accompaniments

Grazing Accompaniments


The delicious chutney's and honey you have enjoyed in your platters are now available as an add-on item or as a gift!  Buy then separately, pair or all together!


Choose from our Balsamic Fig, Red Pepper Jelly, Spicy Apricot or Nutty Honey!


Balsamic Fig Marmalade  $9

The richness of ripe figs and maple syrup coupled with balsamic vinegar is a match made in heaven. Pairs perfectly with blue cheeses and brie.

Available in 250ml.


Red Pepper Jelly  $9

The perfect balance between sweet and savoury. This versatile jelly pairs well with cured meats, soft and hard cheeses.

Available in 250ml.


Spicy Apricot Marmalade  $9

This marmalade is bursting with the flavour of apricots, jalapeños and a hint chilli. Pairs with roast meats, hard and soft ripened cheeses.

Available in 250ml.


Nutty Honey  $15

Pure Canadian honey combined with fresh walnuts creates a unique tasting experience. An accompaniment for cheese, yogurt, bread and fruits.

Available in 350ml.


There is a gift box option!  Check it out.